Sign of the day

Universal presence moving me 

In joyful song my head playing shuffle,

Secrets unleashed yet always aware

The presents of tomorrow

Always waiting there.

Playlist and gift list

Seasons of glitter

As the happy ones move here and there

Forwards and backwards

Retracing steps,

Uturn in the middle

Scenery now different

Yet the green calls gently to move

Step away from the boxes

Put the brakes on excess

To just rest here awhile and be.

Seasons move past quickly

Gotta do this and that

But tomorrow will be there

And yesterday passed with the tick tock of the clock

And now is where we stand wondering

Why it can’t be just simple,

To unwrap a box of love

Instead of the gotta have thing,

And to wrap in a hug

The wonder of a moment

Of peace.

Thoughts on the approaching Christmas season and the shopping and all the season entails….I’ve always loved the book skipping Christmas and just keep singing “all I want for Christmas” is peace and good will….free gifts are the best.

11 thoughts on “Sign of the day

  1. Yeah, a box of love. I like those free gifts best too. Great poem and sentiments, Kim.
    Sending you free blessings,
    Mary 🙂

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  2. We are going to the ocean this year…..first Xmas away from family and friends….but looking forward to the future and all things good and not too commercial. Thanks so much, have a peace filled day, Kim

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  3. I choose to skip it this year. To finally have the courage to say, “Can’t we dial this monster waaaaaaay back? Can’t we go back to when the focus was not on making egos and retailers temporarily happy?” It’s become such a guilt ridden and obligatory season but when you stand back and observe you are still able to capture the special feeling that has nothing to do with shopping but more to do with a feeling of unity. Great post!

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  4. I’ve said similar things in other places recently, but I heartily agree that Christmas should be about so much more than just getting stuff.


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