I look through the eyes of a child at times

seeing the good in so much around me,

I believe in the good of a day that wakes with the sun

and sets with the moon.

I sing a song through doubt and fear

words that never cease

because it is how I know I am alive.

I am touched by the emotion of unsaid words,

feeling the emptiness of an ocean of tears,

I speak to make sense of the discord between

and move into the peace of a midnight dream.

I wake with a knowing of what each day will bring

for I create and allow the beautiful things.

The words flow like quiet rivers

given birth from somewhere beyond,

and tomorrow will find me watching

and waiting for the morning light,

to whisper a golden hello-

welcome to another moment of life.

Pondering time and space and the creation of every little minute thing that goes into thought, action, feeling and the like. Waiting for a golden sun and endless time….but then again, aren’t we all.


11 thoughts on “Beyond

  1. Thank you so much Darryl, you’re an awesome writer….and we can smoke you when you die….that’s a fun song…thanks for the ear worm my friend😊🎸🎧🎼


  2. Thank you so very much, I often wonder if when I write something and it makes sense to me, others get the same things out of it, makes me hesitate hitting that publish button , but I’m glad I did😊 I’m glad you enjoyed it😊

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  3. No need to comment on every one my friend, I know you’re out there and with the holiday season in the mix, makes for very little time…enjoying your art on FB though but even here, every couple of days I get on…..peace and love my friend, K😊💐🌷

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  4. Thank you Sheldon, it has been a long week of a lot of ups and downs….just looking for the light beyond to set everything to an even keel again…my fun thought process….crazy at times but I know the sun will still keep on shining.
    Peace and blessings,


  5. Wonderful. You’re very prolific lately. I didn’t manage to comment every poem (it’s my ‘slow season’ now) but I put all that shiny gems in a special place of my heart. Have a wonderful weekend, my dear friend. ❤ 🙂

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  6. That is a beautiful comment and I truly thank you for sharing it with me. It is often what goes unsaid, when in hindsight you wonder if it mattered if it were uttered, if the thinking of it and the energy of the thought and emotion get through.
    Peace and blessings,


Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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