Chasing rainbows

Dark skies threaten

Angry clouds hang low 

Seams split as glorious sun breaks through

Chasing rainbows it seems.

Moving forward to rise above

The storm gathering

I turn and close off the view

Of the darkness beyond,

Reaching within to find

A better moment than what always seems

Stormy weather.

Sleepless lay waiting, searching

In the threshold of lucid dreams

Knowing enough to let go.

Long days of eternity

Stretch out like lonely roads,

Needing to touch the light of color,

To leave the blank slate of blackness-

Chalk falls to the floor

Broken and crumbling under foot.

When nothing to say leaves a trace of dust

Impressions of a dying day

Emptied of its minutes

Spent at the five and dime

Touches of yesterday

Once more.

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Driving home from work yesterday, the darkest clouds of an approaching front, and a blinding sun in the rearview illuminating the various rainbows before me….no place to pull aside to get an image…..on a day not so spectacular, there is always something good to find somewhere….


6 thoughts on “Chasing rainbows

  1. It was a really strange sky, dark almost navy blue clouds in a big bank just hanging looking so ominous, then here is this big fat rainbow popping through to show something brighter than the moment.😊 thanks Kat….gotta keep on chasing them.

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Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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