One size

Love and Peace

the greatest dream,

 needed in this world

by all,

man and beast,

regardless of matters in race or religion

the one size fits all

gift that should be given


19 thoughts on “One size

  1. Thank you John Thomas, I really appreciate this comment, it makes me feel like one little voice does make a difference. Thank you again, peace, love and only great things, Kim


  2. I have to go way back to Nam and Civil Rights to remember a time in our lives where this poem was more needed. We all need to focus on love and peace in our thoughts and in words. Feliz Navidad y un Feliz Año Nuevo

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  3. Hi Elouise,
    Not down there yet, going soon for a vacation though. The weather here has been abnormal, mid forties to fifties and no measurable snow in the city. We are breaking records which is fine to me. Still waiting to sell the house. We had a light up palm tree for Christmas once up here, decorated in flamingo beach theme….it was a hoot. Looking forward to some sand in my toes and sunshine that soaks into the bones though….I shall be a snowbird in training😊 have a lovely day my friend and Thank you, always, Kim

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  4. Hello Michael my friend, vacation down there soon. The weather up here hasn’t been that bad yet, breaking records for no snow….still working on the course but will be taking it to the house down there with me, it’s a lot to digest but yes, love is awesome and I haven’t hit that part in the book yet…now even more eager to be surprised when I find it, it will be like wise words from a friend to rediscover 😊 I was driving back from the store when that thought came to live in my mind, wouldn’t let go till I wrote it here, now it is free and happy, reaching out to touch everyone. Now that is the power of love.
    Peace and blessings and have an amazing week,

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  5. Me neither…just a happy nobody who loves the universe…I think I’d do better keeping it that way….besides, lived in DC twice…not going back😊 not a big city fan😊 just skies, moon and stars and sunny beaches😊 thanks Mary, have a lovely day😊


  6. Eeeks no, that is one job I wouldn’t want to touch with a ten foot pole of love….ill just be a part of the masses if that’s okay☺️ thanks Laine, smiling 😊 peace and 💜, Kim

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  7. Perfect in every way! Wonderful in any setting! I vote Yes!
    It seems you might be in Florida–missing all the snow, ice and blizzards? Is it really winter down there? I’ve spent several Christmases in Florida–somehow Christmas lights on palm trees and fake flamingos never quite did it for me. Though the warm weather felt lovely. 🙂

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  8. Perfect, Kim! Reminds me of the statement in A Course in Miracles it took me some time to understand, and that was that “all expressions of Love are maximal”, or something like that. One element I enjoyed in the Course was the way it challenged my thinking on “more and less”, both in terms of suffering and of Love. I love what you did here with the old “one size fits all” and that line from the Course seemed very complementary. Hope you are well. Are you enjoying some Floridian sun this winter?


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  9. I like what Laine said. Will you run for president? Not that I would wish that on you. ❤

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