How I made Monday my B*tch.

Gorgeous weekend now in the books

time to move to Monday,

ugh not that day, hate that day

think I’ll sleep in instead.

Dog licks my mouth and eyes

time to get up, grrrr no surprise,

grab the flashlight and move to the world

of darkness and dogs run amok,

can’t go in, ’cause no poop yet

so round we go on frozen grass

watching and waiting

and watching and waiting,

like Yukon Cornelious,

nope, still nuthin’.

Go and drink my coffee now getting cold

why is it days like this

can always make me feel so old.

So I pull out your stories and fears

and sitting here I share your tears

so I’ll spin you this  web

of a day in my life instead,

to tell you that starting now

gonna make myself smile somehow-

so we close our eyes and think

how to make some wonder and perhaps be surprised,

make this workday our B*tch once and for all,

we can get up and dance it off,

sing some silly songs too

come on join in,

me and you gonna get this disco blinking,

make the boss think that you’ve been drinking

ain’t gonna let this day get me down,

gonna close my eyes and picture

a naked party clown,

but just in case you’re not amused

sorry, you’re the one who will lose,

because today is just another day

and tomorrow may be the same way,

but I send you smiles and laughter too

with this silly tale to beat the blues,

the way you begin each day

is there for only you to choose.

I am writing this silly poem for my pal Steph, ’cause no matter how rough a day can be, you have us here to save the day. Now get out there people and be Rockstars and Heroes….fly that freak flag and get your jammin’ pants outta bed and dance….Yeah, ’cause that’s how I roll……

how can you not smile at the minions??



Sliver of Luna

Each thought that I think

I know as truth

is nothing more than a tiny light

hung on the tip of the moon.

As her graceful curve cradles

the whole of the heavens above

she sends a guiding star

to give awareness

to where we truly are.

The rapture of a moment spent

lost in skies of beauty sent,

a wish upon a beautiful thought

for sun filled skies and words to scatter

on empty pages soon filled with laughter

heard only by the skies above

from Luna to me and now to you

in love.

Thoughts as I look above at the glorious skies, of sweet Luna reclined enjoying her last moments to shine, feeling peace, sending love.