A dream of fog

I remember the magic

As the dream slipping through my mind

like a blanket of fog

whispered images of form and

a beast that wandered the night

raising chills of vision and fear.

What is it there moving beyond view,

coming towards the edge of awareness.

She stands alone on the crest

mountains rose through clouds

as mist slowly filtered down

Silently cloaking her in obscurity,

the sound of hooves in grasses high,

memories of the past trickle by

somewhere in her mind she knows,

these lands still untamed by man

and the friends she knows by name

coming together in twillight harmony,

a mirage within

a dream of endless fog.



15 thoughts on “A dream of fog

  1. Thanks so much, still tweaking the errors my goofy iPad keeps throwing in on me…it was a nice misty morning, but alas, no Buffalo…but I did see a few horses….pretty way to start the day.
    Peace and love,


  2. Very much better – although a ‘the the’ scraped through into version 2 and a ‘?’ may be useful ending line 8. I do like the S-o-C flow and the ending is particularly fine.

    Yes, your writing has been rather good as of late. G:)

    Liked by 1 person

Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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