Without borders

A sky has no edges so that butterflies can fly free,

Flowers always more beautiful

When found as a seed grown from whistful scattering 

On subtle winds,

Growing where least expected

Living where needed most.

Love with no borders,

No boundaries is a love free indeed,

Without expectation except purist honesty

And feeling that flows like oceans

Held by only sandy shores and grasses waving

Gently to the lovers walking by.

A river will swell when filled to overflowing,

As will a cup of goodness that pours

Over like child’s milk splashing

On countertops,

And the space with stars scattered gaily on high,

With a pattern yet surrounded 

By infinity with no borders

To box in the greatness

Of all that is

Would be the saddest day

Ever lived.

Matter is energy in a box

Clad in human form

Each one different

Yet the ability to love

Is the greatest gift,

Borderless in its abundance,

Beautiful in its glory.

A new day

This strange and magic world

Song and words fill voids where silence lives

Watching through invisible eyes

At what becomes of a thought denied.

Sitting with purpose

Mind turns endlessly round on this and that

And nothing in particular

Except the moments that remain in the day


The echo of despair could live there

If allowed a soft spot to sit awhile

To wrap itself into the endless horizon

But no welcome mat waits behind

Shuttered doors.

Helpless if no action moves

The mind to fly on broken wings

That somehow still can work

When falling in a spin down

To solid ground that waits.

In the ease of new days

The second hand ticks off the moment

When light will come in the morning to a soul

Waiting to begin again

A tale of dreams.

There is no mystery

To complacent simplicity

As words and a gentle rhythm fill the heart

With a promise of hope

That somehow, somewhere

Today will be different, 

better still

Than those that passed before.