Missing in action

Where have you gone,

Little one waits watching

Grass green still

No hint of days to come

Enjoying the grace

Of days of calm hidden sun

Behind clouds of silver

Whispering wind so sweet

So kind to the traveller

Journeying home

To a friend.

Enjoying the weather these days and came across this pic and knew that this calm will be short lived. Winter here in WNY tends to be rather rough so I will not complain for lack of snow…..it can stay away.

Silence filling space

I asked my question to clouds

and received nothing in reply,

silence filling spaces

and colors so sublime

to distract from ponderings

that wouldn’t stay in place

rattling around in my mind.

They moved in shapes of nothing

discernable to the eye

still nothing in reply.

I waited below for a time

breathing quietly and wondering why

the answers had always been quick

to the point almost abrupt

but I set that thought aside

letting it grow alone

letting it come to its conclusion,

And in that moment

clarity came to rest beside me

like a flower just waiting

to be finally seen.