What a day, and thank you for that

2200 of you. Yes, 2200 beautiful people out there took the time to stop in and follow this blog. WOW.

Honestly, I don’t know what to say. I’m sure you’re wondering why 2200 is so important to me, right? Well, I started this blog two years ago this month but I was so afraid to put stuff out there, afraid I wasn’t good enough to warrant the attention of anyone out there. I really didn’t post until the beginning of January once I got up enough courage. The first year alone I received 1100 followers. Heck I was so tickled pink I was rolling on the floor and my goal was to hope for the same the next year. At times I wrote crap (yeah, I can say it out loud) and sometimes I think I did pretty good. I began (in the beginning there was OM) and I learned so much from aopinionated man (shout out to you my unicorn loving friend) the first few months, to just be myself and put what I wanted to out there. I have never had a troll to date and for that also consider myself so lucky. My spelling and grammar suck but you are kind enough to let me know and for that I thank you.

I began this blog because at the time I was angry, at the world, at life and at certain people I had to tangle with occasionally. I needed a place to be me, to let the crazy thoughts and images out and I found that here, and then you came. Still WOW, yeah, WOW. Thank you my friends for your likes, your comments and above all for sticking with me when I didn’t think I could do it. I try each day to make your day a little better by what I create and am in returned inspired by the things you create.

This is just such an amazing world and I’m glad you are along on the journey with me and for caring enough to stop by just to say Hi. I miss you when you disappear and smile so brightly when you return, why? Because you are my friends, my tribe, all 2200 or you amazing and beautiful people out there. WOW.

And a very special thank you to my 2200th follower today, peace and blessings and best wishes for today and always. The blog who made me smile today so big is over at  http://justathoughtabouteverything.com/about-2/ stop and give a shout out and read some positive words. Thank you Thank you and Thank you all for being so amazing.

I think this calls for a party! Honey, if you’re reading this pick up some champagne please and thanks 🙂  Heck, even he’s still reading I think. Thank you for that too my love.


Peace and love,  Kim

On becoming

On a summer day of sun filled skies

I became a bee

moving from petal to petal

on yellow flowers

I tasted the sweetness of this life.

On a moonlit night I became the darkness

of a wolf moving through

the thick forests searching

with eyes that saw all.

On a wind I became a dying leaf

floating gently down to land

in colors of fall at your feet

waiting to be plucked up

and kept between pages.

On a crystal dawn I became a speck

sitting quietly on grasses

shining in the coming light

glistening in the simplest beauty

fragile with the warmth to come

setting me into motion to slide

into the depths of earth.

On the clearest night I became a star

gracing the cosmos with the wonder

of everything imagined

all that is unexplained

a light so very bright

I became the guide over your ocean

leading you home.