On becoming

On a summer day of sun filled skies

I became a bee

moving from petal to petal

on yellow flowers

I tasted the sweetness of this life.

On a moonlit night I became the darkness

of a wolf moving through

the thick forests searching

with eyes that saw all.

On a wind I became a dying leaf

floating gently down to land

in colors of fall at your feet

waiting to be plucked up

and kept between pages.

On a crystal dawn I became a speck

sitting quietly on grasses

shining in the coming light

glistening in the simplest beauty

fragile with the warmth to come

setting me into motion to slide

into the depths of earth.

On the clearest night I became a star

gracing the cosmos with the wonder

of everything imagined

all that is unexplained

a light so very bright

I became the guide over your ocean

leading you home.



16 thoughts on “On becoming

  1. Aren’t those photos gorgeous, I couldn’t decide which one to use for the featured image, so I picked them both. Life is full of choices, I say chocolate and cake…and two pics too😊

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  2. I love days when as I leave for week I get a skip in my step and a song that I sang to hubby as we walked to our cars, felt like I was flying and just so much a part of good things, thank you Elouise and may you have an amazing day and weekend too, Peace and love, Kim

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  3. This is exquisite! I love the movement of your thought–expansive and grounded in reality. There’s so much we miss in nature. Thanks for sharing your eyes that see, and for describing so simply our connectedness.

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  4. How beautiful, oh to be the Bee, or that crystal speck glistening in the morning.. 🙂 We can all be all of those things, when we tune into the world around us… So many precious moments captured here within your words..

    May your day unfold into the glories of what surrounds us, as we Become One with ALL..

    Love and Blessings Kim..
    Sue ❤

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  5. Thank you, Kim. reading this is an inspiring and expansive way to start the day!

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  6. Good morning Kim. This is very moving. Touched me deeply today. Thank you for sharing your gifts. I would like to repost this in its entirety on my blog. With the new moon today, I think that my circle would really enjoy this share. Namaste’

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Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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