What a day, and thank you for that

2200 of you. Yes, 2200 beautiful people out there took the time to stop in and follow this blog. WOW.

Honestly, I don’t know what to say. I’m sure you’re wondering why 2200 is so important to me, right? Well, I started this blog two years ago this month but I was so afraid to put stuff out there, afraid I wasn’t good enough to warrant the attention of anyone out there. I really didn’t post until the beginning of January once I got up enough courage. The first year alone I received 1100 followers. Heck I was so tickled pink I was rolling on the floor and my goal was to hope for the same the next year. At times I wrote crap (yeah, I can say it out loud) and sometimes I think I did pretty good. I began (in the beginning there was OM) and I learned so much from aopinionated man (shout out to you my unicorn loving friend) the first few months, to just be myself and put what I wanted to out there. I have never had a troll to date and for that also consider myself so lucky. My spelling and grammar suck but you are kind enough to let me know and for that I thank you.

I began this blog because at the time I was angry, at the world, at life and at certain people I had to tangle with occasionally. I needed a place to be me, to let the crazy thoughts and images out and I found that here, and then you came. Still WOW, yeah, WOW. Thank you my friends for your likes, your comments and above all for sticking with me when I didn’t think I could do it. I try each day to make your day a little better by what I create and am in returned inspired by the things you create.

This is just such an amazing world and I’m glad you are along on the journey with me and for caring enough to stop by just to say Hi. I miss you when you disappear and smile so brightly when you return, why? Because you are my friends, my tribe, all 2200 or you amazing and beautiful people out there. WOW.

And a very special thank you to my 2200th follower today, peace and blessings and best wishes for today and always. The blog who made me smile today so big is over at Β http://justathoughtabouteverything.com/about-2/ stop and give a shout out and read some positive words. Thank you Thank you and Thank you all for being so amazing.

I think this calls for a party! Honey, if you’re reading this pick up some champagne please and thanks πŸ™‚ Β Heck, even he’s still reading I think. Thank you for that too my love.


Peace and love, Β Kim


37 thoughts on “What a day, and thank you for that

  1. thank you my friend, been so very busy relaxing down here, havent posted much but i will soon. thank you so very much for hanging with me these two amazing years. peace and love, K


  2. Awesome and congratulations my friend, me too…on Amazon under author Russ Towne…heart whispers…I was so excited….I think I need to get one out on my own….future goals and from what I recall, yours are good enough to stand out on their own too..I will look yours up, although don’t speak Spanish, have several friends who do…oh my, that is just so very exciting, I bet it felt so good, like a validation of hard work finally accepted and appreciated….yay!!!!

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  3. Thank you my friend, it was a happy surprise and I thank you for being there too, this world is an amazing place and I am happy I could carve out a piece where I fit, peace and blessings, Kim

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  4. Thank you my friend, it was an amazing day filled with much joy…heck, I’m happy with just a few reading as opposed to no one…numbers don’t matter, it’s the beauty of the friends I’ve met here. Wow, peace and blessings, K


  5. Jeff is getting ready to retire, bought a house on he gulf, short drive to the beach but not in the flood zone. I am so happy you are still writing and he poetry group sounds like so much fun, makes you get off the mountain and all, how did the wedding go in Ponce? Been a busy year for us, just waiting to sell the house and then J retires and we move closer to perpetual sun. I’m glad you’re still having fun writing and it is so nice to hear from you. We haven’t been back down there I think since we saw you. We started doing the Fla thing…loved it and knew it was he place for us. A lot of our friends vacation down there so more likelihood of seeing familiar faces more often. Have a great day and say hi to the hubby from J and I. Peace and blessings, K

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  6. It’s been a very interesting year. I joined a poetry group, The Barefeet Muses, and have doing a lot of poetry reading around the island. But I neglected the blog because I’m writing in Spanish. So I’m posting on my Spanish blog.
    So finally you guys decided on Fla. My cousin is moving the family there next year and Luis’ oldest son moved a few weeks ago. My cousin is in Long Island and Luis Jr. was in P.R.
    Nice to hear from you!

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  7. I enjoyed my visit immensely and now you come to my mailbox so I will see instant writings, I don’t comment very often but when I do, I sincerely mean it. Thank you for finding me too, a whole load of reading…I go all over with my topics…wherever my mind wanders at any given moment😊 Peace and blessings, Kim


  8. Thank you so much for coming by and staying awhile. I really appreciate you reading several of my poems and especially commenting. Please do come again.I will be back, also.

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  9. Yes, it’s friends like you who make my days brighter,I am always amazed at the pool of talent here, how everyone is so unique and I can always know I can open up anywhere in my mail and find a smile or encouraging word. I am blessed and I thank you my beautiful friend for joining me on this journey called life. Love and peace, Kim

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  10. I’ve missed you my friend, did you remove your blog? Hope your weather is nice…still in house showing mode sporadically, we have a contingent bid, just waiting for the kids to sell their house so we can escape to the warmth of Florida…retirement island I like to call it…hope you’re doing well, and hubby says hi too. Peace and love and thank you, Kim


  11. Thank you my favorite muse, thank you for the gift of your friendship and your beautiful art and words that inspire me. I am excited and so very happy….and with the ocean coming up super duper excited….great days and great friends makes life such a joy😊 thanks Kat for being there, I can’t wait to permanently hang my wind chimes down there peace and love, Kim

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  12. Congratulations, Kim. You are a truly beautiful soul with a heart overflowing with compassion and love for your fellow bloggers – and, I’m sure, your fellow man in general. I consider myself truly lucky to have you call me friend.

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  13. Congratulations Kim! Woo-hoo! Hip hip hooray for you! Well deserved reward for a words of beauty you share. I wish you many, many more in the days to come. πŸ† πŸŽ‰ 🎈 🎈 🎈 πŸΈπŸŽ΅πŸŽ†

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  14. Your blog is graet, your community is great and most YOU are great, Kim and I am happy to meet you here in the Blogger world. Happy holidays and all the best for a very happy future. πŸ™‚

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  15. Congratulations Kim. Even if my understanding of the English language is limited enough, I admit that it is a real pleasure to read your beautiful texts. Bravo!

    Nice weekend !

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  16. There were times I was going to walk away from it, too time consuming, etc….then I realized it is my passion, to write and create, if I left it, I’d be missing an important piece of myself, great name too my friend, peace and love from the other Kim😊 Thank You!😊

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  17. You were 2201 and its people like you who make my day even brighter. Yes, many come and go but I have met so many amazing people here, when life drags you down, I can always find someone here to lift me higher. Happy days and Thank You my friend, peace and love, Kim


  18. That’s great and followers really lift our spirits and confidence. πŸ™‚ I have had a lot a followers and they come and go. I love the faithful few that visit every day. I love how they light up and decorate my blog. I love the back and forth comments and the rapport and friendship we have. I wish you the same. πŸ™‚

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