I lay to down to dream

Never to sleep for that is just sleep

Which in itself is so over rated

So I lay to dream and your voice came then

Like so many times before

In its crystal ringing just to the right note

To catch my attention

To whisper “I’ve never left”.

But I knew you left

When that last page turned

And how I cried to know that I had waited

So very long it seemed

To get the nerve to end it there

Closing the covers as ice shards fell

And I knew inside,

In that tiny little space no bigger than a seed

That you would be back

And I would see the page shining like diamonds

And within the folds made by your cosmic hand

I would gently open that page 

To fall in love again

On a night when meteors will race by

And time itself will stand still,

Your tuning fork rang once more

And I turned frequencies

So happily

To say hello once more.

Welcome to the heart of dreams,

Come, lay beside and we will watch

Destiny of paper words and stars

Slipping by,


You and I.