Have a piece of my mind!

Okay now, my mission is for you to go on over to my friends page and give him lots of likes….because it’s Christmas and I care about my friends and it’s Sunday and I would do it for you….and…..he called me his wacky friend and I am so tickled at that…it’s like being famous….almost….now get over here my friends and like his stuff because I asked with a pretty please….

My Opinionsville

Why not?  You’ve got just about everything else I can give!  I’ve been here 4 years!!  And the most likes I EVER got was 17, on a blog about writing blogs oddly enough…  I just had a visit to OM’s blog (Opinionated Man)  He put up like four sentences of absolute tripe, and got 1468 likes and a huge whack of comments!  I see!  The object here to be appreciated, is NOT TO BE A WRITER!

I’m not writing reams of shit, just to sit in a corner by myself!  It figures brain power would rate low amongst a bunch of savages!  I’ve got one person who likes me!  One who comments and acts like a friend; ‘infinite Zip’  She’s an odd-ball too!  If you think we’re strange, take a look in the mirror sometime! 

Well I’m not coming back ’till I fucking well feel like it; which may prove…

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5 thoughts on “Have a piece of my mind!

Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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