Solitary season

I think of you beyond my view

of empty tables and holiday seasons

wondering if you think of those

so far away

in distant lands,

strangers your friends

and family memories sustain you

In moments when you sit

in quiet contemplation

at a table of simplicity.

I dream for you the beauty

the love sent in waves

the visions I gift

of better days

and tables decked for seasons

when we can be together

side by side

a toast to a life

where peace resides

and I will save you a place

at the head of it all

where you belong

among family and friends

and until then it just won’t be the same

with you there and not here,

as we hit pause and remember

the good times,

I will think of you

then till I have you in my arms

at Christmas time.




6 thoughts on “Solitary season

  1. A special magical place where someone waits, and never forgets those missing😊 thank you my friend, skipping the holidays to,vacation this year down south in our new home, I’m sure we will have many dinners wishing for loved ones absent….peace and love, Kim


  2. What a beautiful table setting. We can’t always be with those we love during holidays. But we save a special place for them in our hearts and minds. And it is important that we tell them about this place. 🙂

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  3. Well it’s a great poem. I have family in the military and have had many friends there as well. I know the toll it takes on the family. So thinking about them is incredibly sweet of you.


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