Enter darkness

It came in the clouded light of a dying day.

I watched the eyes staring through me with intent,

This beautiful yet menacing creature kept moving towards me, steady and determined.

I felt the fear rise up within,

as my throat constricted tighter

and sweat rose within the hairs on my arms

tingling beneath the coolness of the falling sun,

I knew it as evil,

that it had come to harm

and I reached out and grabbed it’s soft muzzle

holding so tight

both hands locked in a circle,

closing off the sharp white teeth

with tight clenched hands,

I was trying to save something

myself or perhaps my canine companions,

And it watched me so coldly with calculating eyes, waiting for it’s chance to break free,

writhing in my arms trying to gain the upper hand, to escape my terror, to pry my hands away with sharp claws,

and I slammed it against the wood of a tree

Smashing it until finally it became still

and only then did I release him,

breathing heavily I felt sad for I knew

I had killed it because I was afraid,

that my fear was what drove this act,

that I had to save someone or something from this darkness,

this evil in form of beast.

I felt the tears falling and I couldn’t stop them

and I looked down on the stillness form

and his eyes gazed at me steadily,

and it was then I knew I had another chance,

to find another way

to walk away unharmed and to let him go,

I turned slowly towards home

and awoke cold with the drying sweat

tingling my hair and body,

pulled the blanket higher

and slipped act into a dream.

thoughts on a vivid dream I had last night as a coyote attacked me, and I it, as I gripped so tightly knowing the only safety I would have was to kill it. Yet it lived and I awoke pooled in sweat, breathing heavy in the darkness while beside me my little dog kept kicking me in my sleep, dreaming of running in sunlight .

By design

Smooth polished pebbles

creekbed stones etched by time

and the rivers running movement

aged to perfection

to the touch worn into slippery silk

held in hands

gathered by design

and feeling.

Placed in formation

size and shape beginning

to paint the picture

in the mind of a creator

serene patterns that bring calm

and the path that leads

to the imagination inspired

by flowing waters

and the birth of peace

spiraling into each element

of a chosen one.