By design

Smooth polished pebbles

creekbed stones etched by time

and the rivers running movement

aged to perfection

to the touch worn into slippery silk

held in hands

gathered by design

and feeling.

Placed in formation

size and shape beginning

to paint the picture

in the mind of a creator

serene patterns that bring calm

and the path that leads

to the imagination inspired

by flowing waters

and the birth of peace

spiraling into each element

of a chosen one.



12 thoughts on “By design

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  2. Thank you so very much, I love stones and I would love to have this kind of path in my garden, although my garden is mostly weeds but the path would be a focal point😊 have a lovely day, Kim

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  3. Thank you so Deborah, I collect stones and would love to incorporate them into something like this…but would take me the rest of my days to collect enough. Peace and love, Kim


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