Floating in endless forevers

Beneath the silver sky

swept up by the calling of trees

she floats amongst the wind

cascading down to free her soul.

Floating on endless forevers,

her mind sings sweet sultry songs

of a yesterday long gone

and of a tomorrow yet to come,

unencumbered from the bonds

the had once held her tightly down,

she feels her spirit move

in a peaceful lullaby.

Never touching the ground

nor spoiled by the ugliness below,

her view is only all above

and the coming of her lover moon

teaches patience for the spinning of life,

And so she waits

floating on this endless space

neither here nor there

but everywhere

in her dreamscape rhythm

gently flowing on.

I think in this photo the little nuts floating made me smile and think of friends and on reaching peace floating through life.

Photo found on internet. I wish I could have that superpower….hovering about…..fun.

Dying art

What lies between lines

unseen words and conversation

find her thoughts

sitting beside themselves

fingers holding indigo

so much to say and so little time

and a blank page that waits

to begin.

Words and letters never sent

quicker to move across keyboards

to spell check

to hit send,

personality extinct

in steady typical font

that could come from anywhere

from anyone.

Stamped and dropped

in faded blue metal boxes,

there is only patience

there is no looking back

no recall of message

as it slips downward mixed in a heap

so much less every day

and the scent of the sender

fragrance of flowers and a tea stain dabbed

slightly wrinkled but still

elegantly penned

the dying art

alive once again.