On the fringe

I see the words

I taste them like a foreign rememberance from youth,

Like the bittersweet chips

That stretched surprisingly so far in comparison

To a melting chocolate bar.

They wallow around within the empty space of my mind

Running like wild horses without borders,

No boundaries exist to reign in

To gather close and capture

That which I search for.

I can see it in here

Behind eyes in the dark corners of this room

Listening to the machines move

Spitting oil on spinning tools

And it steals it,

That thought that got away from me,

And it toys with me,

Waving like a roadside blowup doll made of wind and air,

Taunting or mocking or just saying

Stop in and have a look see

And grabbing the attention away

From tasks at hand that I may have forgotten

On purpose or not

And this time is mine

And you can see where the time begins and ends

But here is an open space just at the edge

Blank and waiting

For the final escape


Slide off the edge and run

Keep moving and not looking back

Lest we see them coming to drag it kicking and screaming

Making it conform to the paper cut out doll

That fell off the wall

And slid away

Below a dust covered dresser

Amongst the dust bunnies and dog hair,

Fading over time

Unrecognizable or remembered when found,

Where did it come from

And what the heck is it?

So we toss it away

This little slip of nothing that no one wants

Till someone comes to claim it

And we then ponder

What did we do with that old thing?

The lapse

I danced between a million stars

Weaving in and out in a lively waltz

And there was such joy to be found

In the moment I was away

Caught in that second when the eye blinks

And the mind loses its bearing

Of where it was,

What it was thinking

Because the beauty so enthralled

The lapse was never noticed.

The little lights vibrated

Their frequency so high and in a crystal ringing pitch

 I heard everything in the chamber

Of an echo of silence

And it rang like the orchestra

Unseen in the pit below

Yet it was understood that they were truly there,

A melody played for me

The eternal tune of all that lives 

And of all that lives unseen in memories,

The crush blended like cream

Of a thousand or millions souls

Those that had lifted me to the ceiling of stars

To join in this ethereal dance

And like a dervish I threw my head back

And spinning round faster and faster

I saw the lights like a carousel

For in that moment I was a child again

Riding up and down on shining wooden horses

And I laughed out loud

Hearing the unexpected noise I stopped,

And the feeling of joy was suddenly unbound

And I stood there on damp pavement wondering

In that very second of escape

Had I really been there at all.

Oh the magic of a lapsed dream caught

In the act of being itself

In all it’s wonderful beauty.