Moon dance

Beneath the glittering light

the shining moon gives

permission for the dance

to begin.

Feet lightly moving

gliding on air in abandon

joyous soul moves

to the rhythm of the night.

Holding loose the hands that guide

invisible dance of the midnight hour

silhouettes of clouds fall down

the dance floor dappled

moving in to shadow and light

here then gone

in loves delight.



20 thoughts on “Moon dance

  1. Having a lovely trip and so many good and wonderful things are happening. One thing after another but that’s how the universe works these days. Bought some round polished stones yesterday and put them in my door dish with my heart shaped polished stones and since then, all good happy things. My heart is soaring today and I am on cloud nine. Sunshine and a gorgeous moon I managed to view compliments of the pups at two thirty this morning. Wow. Amazing and spectacular. Peace and love, K

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  2. thank you so very much, I am so far behind on my correspondence, was on the road all day today and most of tomorrow too. I hope to catch up on it all this weekend 🙂 peace and blessings, Kim


  3. Thank you so very much Topazo, I appreciate your compliment and it is a nice thing so see after a very long day on the road. peace and blessings, Kim


  4. Okay, sounds good. I’m on the road today and tomorrow, heading for the sun my friend. Hence no post today, did you miss me? I have 245 posts to see in my mailbox….and this is a vacation….gonna be a busy girl this weekend I must say 🙂 and thank you for the award, it means so much 🙂


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  6. Thanks Kat, it was pouring this morning but I know we have a full moon coming up on Christmas and I will finally get to see it at the beach and I am just overjoyed about that. There will be dancing for sure😊

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