A note to my lovely friends

I have to apologize in advance for not letting you know that I am traveling today and tomorrow. I see my mailbox is overflowing with goodness and I plan on playing catch up this weekend. I see all sorts of good things waiting but I am enjoying the sights of this amazing road trip, Ohio, Kentucky and now Tennessee. The sun setting over the smokey mountains was a treat to behold. Left me speechless but I will tuck it away and do a post shortly I’m sure. 

Have a beautiful Friday and I will see you all this weekend…unless of course the beach drags me away first…now that would be a horrid thing, right?

Peace and love my friends and see you this weekend. 



18 thoughts on “A note to my lovely friends

  1. Why would here be mushrooms by the pool? I could see a gator by the creek or something, but shrooms? I detest shrooms…icky….and I have shoes on….watching the dogs cavort in the yard😊🌴☀️


  2. You can have the peace and joy! I’ll take the great things! LOL! Boy! Do I wish I were in your shoes, if you’re wearing any… If you see mushrooms growing around the pool, don’t go in! And dancing too eh? Woo Hoo… Happiness, fudge, and sex, D

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  3. I am my friend, days of sun and wine and relaxing and fun and all good things, enjoying myself to the hilt and it is truly a holiday filled with the greatest gifts. Woo Hoo, happy dancing, Woo Hoo…..peace and joy and great things, K


  4. Thanks Quail, enjoying it so very much. Decompression from a long year and just being in the sunshine lifts the spirits to the heavens 🙂 peace and love, K


  5. Yes, sunshine and swimming pools, although it’s sixty in the water, but the dog went in yesterday, she looked very refreshed 🙂 having fun and relaxing…ah peace and bliss.

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  6. Just did the post, internet spotty here but I know we said Monday, just took me an hour to get it in, having fun on vacation and enjoying the sunshine and poolside bathing 🙂

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  7. Now Kim? You go out and enjoy the beach first thing, and that’s an order from The Fudge Factory… Maybe one of those drinks with the little, pink umbrella? Love ya Hun! So pleased you’re sharing your trip down with us! This is so awesome, because I’ve been on that very route to Clearwater Beach! Happy Holidays! I’m not allowed to say Christmas in Canada. Whooops! Kisses and Hugs Loved one: xOxOxOx

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