A Season of Joy

Happy Holidays to all from myself and my friend B over at Getting Through Anxiety. On this first day of winter may this holiday season find you find you surrounded with family and friends and the joy and love that the holidays bring.

The sky turns to white
No trace of blue remains
When asked if it will make an appearance
The sun decides to refrain.
The beginning of snow starts to fall
As the grass is covered in frost
Soon it feels as if warmth
Will be forever lost.
 The joyous sounds of carols
Sung round the Christmas tree
Leaves memories of laughter
That I carry along with me.
 The happy children peeking
At presents down below
Wondering as they shake them
Could it be a new sled for snow?
 I miss the days of long ago
When I was then oh so young
And the excitement for the morning
Waiting for it sleeplessly to come.
 Christmas is the time I love 
And I recall with laughter and tears
Of friends and family together
And the passing of the years.
 Of the merry lights that twinkle
And the cocoa by the jug
Of the crystal snow that falls 
Covering the gloomy ground with love.
 As I sit staring at the lights on the tree
I remember the beauty of this time of year
A time when we try to put our anger and sadness aside
Replacing feelings of unhappiness with cheer.
 Seeing family members
Sharing kind words with friends
Reading cards of greetings
That loved ones often send.
These things bring me happiness
A feeling that can never be taken away
There’s nothing I love more
Than the joy that is Christmas Day.