Silver sun thoughts

Moving in circles

Following the tides of the moon lit mind

Swimming through in waves

Silver sun thoughts schooled

In being.

Ripples and patterns,

Slivers of thousands against the grain

Disrupting the ebb and flow

Just to be moving

In and out

Of an ocean deep

Floating on a bliss of now.

Scattered flecks of color

Spark a riot of images in the mind

Of dancing fins and sparkling scales

Weightless in the pool

Returning round to the beginning

And riding into the setting sun

Gazing above into the blue.


21 thoughts on “Silver sun thoughts

  1. Was at the beach today, found some sharks teeth and managed to get smacked in the face with a wave that ran up my leg while reaching down for a good one….lost it of course but had a laugh. They caught a 12 foot shark the other day at the pier….not where I swim…distance makes the fish more fun🐠🐟😊

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  2. Always nice to have those tootsies refreshed, particularly after hours of being imprisoned in pair of smelly old shoes. (I’m talking about my shoes here, of course. I’m sure yours are much nicer.) 🙂

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  3. Sweetest words so needed my friend, from the bottoms and top of my heart of existence, I so truly thank you. Welcome back, tears flow in joy for a season of friends abound. Peace and love, K

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  4. I love the rhythm of moving in circles– fish moving in circles, stars moving in circles, life moving in circles of silver sun thoughts… We’re tumbling around the light, spiraling towards our beginning. Your images are beautiful here, Kim, and lift me from one sea to another…

    Happy Holiday Travels,

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  5. I gave up weightless years ago, I let my thoughts pretend now I’m floating in the stars, the pool is a great second choice, although not heated, waters sixty degree…a bit too cool for me, but refreshing on the tootsies😊🐾

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  6. Thank you so much, photo was found on the internet but I love how that one fish seems to be going against the flow, kind of looked like a happy fish to me😊🐟🐟🐟 peace and love, K


  7. Thanks so much Russ, hope your holidays were filled with love and joy and laughter, ours was spent down by the ocean, peace and serenity unfolds under the sun😊☀️🌴 peace and love, K


  8. Thank you so very much, had been looking at silver wall art of a school of fish and found them to be similar to my thoughts, endlessly swimming to and fro🐟 glad you enjoyed it and thank you. Peace and blessings , Kim

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Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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