There is a lightness 

Somewhere in life there lies

A lightness of life, 

Like bubbles converging to create their own scene

Of color and driftingness amongst

The day to day

Everyday mess that becomes the moments

Of our wakefulness.

I feel your words drifting through my fingers

Like a solution of water

And a soap of silk sensation

That leaves a residue of importance,

Of childhood bliss of impromptu moments

Blowing bubbles into the wayward wind,

And I find so much joy in these moments

Of carefree thoughts and being

Just what this moment calls for,

Nothing more and nothing less.

Yet I am continually over ruled

By notions of what should be,

Of what must be and I stomp my foot

Like a wayward third grader saying no, 

this is what I meant to say…to be

On my way through the emporium of illusion ,

Where worlds have no boundaries

And life is simply

All we want it to become

And to find there is nothing wrong 

With believing

With achieving

With finding in a glimpse of something

So glittering and small,

Yet so amazing

As this moment of space and time

Like a hundred bubbles floating

Just doing their thing,

Just being happy and carefree.

12 thoughts on “There is a lightness 

  1. Thank you Sheldon, I had not heard of that term before. I like it though, although for me to actually thread a needle, I have to put on my granny glasses as even at my age, my eyes are getting to be toast…darn ipad making them worse 🙂


Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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