A dance of butterflies

I watched you from afar

Moving gracefully on a gulf breeze

Moving in and out of the pines

Almost shy in your beauty

Hiding from view.

I followed where you led

And suddenly found

You had gone from my sight

Only to be found sitting

High on my shoulder

Waving your gorgeous wings at me

Like the longest lashes on a beauties eye,

And you stepped about 

Perhaps thinking my orange shirt were a flower

And your wings fluttered and lifted

Sweeping past my cheek the lightest of kisses

As you once again danced upon invisible air

And I smiled at the sight

For it had been much too long

Since I’ve seen your kind

And paradise it is sure to be

With the light hearted whimsy

Of butterfly dances

In my blessed back yard.

Watching the lovely antics of a Monarch flitting about my yard and the most magical of all, landing upon me to rest for a spell before dancing once more before moving on her way.

16 thoughts on “A dance of butterflies

  1. Wing waving awesomeness my friend, although I am in Kentucky this bright early morning, I don’t anticipate seeing too many today on my way throu, but definitely some long lush green meadows with horses grazing indifferent close to the highway where we shall long to be out in the midst of them. But we shall move along North to the home in the snow and enjoy the visions we encounter along the way. Your comments always lead me from one subject t the next in wonder my friend, more gifts that you being, peace and love, K

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  2. There was a lovely rhythm and unfolding to this piece, Kim. I felt the way it drifted in and out of view, dancing around… the curiosity… then the arrival of the awareness of the butterfly’s presence. They are such lovely creatures. It is amazing the feeling when they land on you isn’t it? Like you know them somehow! Ha! Such innocent, slow-motion wing-waving. Such presence…


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  3. Omg I actually have a poem called “Dance of the Butterflies” that’s been sitting in my drafts for a long time. I haven’t been able to edit it till I’m satisfied haha. Monarch butterflies are certainly beautiful and so is your poem! 😉

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  4. Your lovely creation reminded me of “Butterfly Kisses” my daughter and I used to give when she was little. We’d tickle each others’ cheeks with our eyelashes by blinking our eyes at bedtime. Thank you for the imagery of your creation and inspiration to take a pleasant stroll down Memory Lane.

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