There is a lightness 

Somewhere in life there lies

A lightness of life, 

Like bubbles converging to create their own scene

Of color and driftingness amongst

The day to day

Everyday mess that becomes the moments

Of our wakefulness.

I feel your words drifting through my fingers

Like a solution of water

And a soap of silk sensation

That leaves a residue of importance,

Of childhood bliss of impromptu moments

Blowing bubbles into the wayward wind,

And I find so much joy in these moments

Of carefree thoughts and being

Just what this moment calls for,

Nothing more and nothing less.

Yet I am continually over ruled

By notions of what should be,

Of what must be and I stomp my foot

Like a wayward third grader saying no, 

this is what I meant to say…to be

On my way through the emporium of illusion ,

Where worlds have no boundaries

And life is simply

All we want it to become

And to find there is nothing wrong 

With believing

With achieving

With finding in a glimpse of something

So glittering and small,

Yet so amazing

As this moment of space and time

Like a hundred bubbles floating

Just doing their thing,

Just being happy and carefree.

Plumeria pass

Past shell imbedded streets still cool

Comes the time before the sun begins

And the feet move along at a happy jaunty gait,

We reach the curve where the old fence guards

Empty yards as it decays into rusty tentacles,

The scent of plumeria rich on the air

Waving in a simple gulf breeze

Welcoming us to come and inhale

The seasons of this life.

Pale flopping flowers

Petals at our feet like the waiting

Of kings and queens to tread upon the blanket

Of pale pink silken bits

That fall like confetti

To the ground.

The season of slowness comes to bear

Warmth we find nothing to compare

And the blooming plants on this quiet morning walk

Fill yards and the magnificent spiked plants that reach out 

Waving their arms to the sky

There is no sound but for the birds,

The flocks wandering on grasses searching

Keeping wary eyes on the hounds as we travel by

And the legs that carry us

Still waking from slumber becoming loose

Muscles stretching keeping pace

In the morning place

Of home.

A beautiful morning walk as the sun was just beginning to rise up and the plumeria on the corner curve waiting, rich scents filling a moist air, a life to explore each waking morn. Photo found on Internet.

Could I

Say I miss you

Like the ground misses the drying healing effects

Like words that can make no sense

coming from these lips

Yet in between words never said

That thoughts of disjointed good times that wait

Like a child waits for Christmas

Or gift

Or happier days

And then it happens,

Out of nowhere

Here they come and this sudden joy,

Yes,,this bouyant laughter fills the spaces

Where emptiness sat like a teen at an exam,


Knowing there was something more and the words spill

Down and rushing,

Like a broken dam that falls on the witless souls who thought

This was how it was going to be forever

Because nothing changes

And everything changes

And we can’t stop the flood gates

While Rome burns and The southern cities fall below

The drowning waters that could be stopped

With simple words like

You are here again

And if we drown,

We drown together

And I can smile knowing that the loneliness is held

At bay like the tiger under the big top

Simply fed on a hug and a steak

Or the knowing that there is no fear,

Only a soft hand

To stroke the molten fur.
I hold no image to these words, simply let them stand on their own disjointed merit and regaining we balance after being away a bit too long. Into the trap door I fall again….bearings straight and smiling.