Life force

Moving through the days in search

The silence of a moment awakened

Into the thought and feeling evokes

The magic of these fields of color.

The lightness of joy and knowing

Concentrations of energy stop with a start

Looking around to see the empty faces

Going about their day to day.

But the frightening second as the bottom falls

And we sit in wonder at that very place in time

As we question the workings of this life,

When everything changed and we became

Aware of what we had closed our eyes to,

As we found ourselves mortal.

Something so frightening yet to see the beauty 

Like a portal in the empty space before us,

How we hit it and wondered at the force,

And in a split second we became a part of the magic,

Thinking if that is how it would end

With a flash and a dropping of the world below our feet,

Steadying self to prepare for the next wave,

The next moment that would signal

The next fork in the road to take.

I write this remembering back a few days ago when for the first time in my life something scary yet exciting in its own way happened. I was walking along a corridor at work to get an antacid and suddenly felt like I had walked through an electrical field, and thinking it was a short in one of the machines or an earthquake at the very least, the feeling like the floor dropped out from below my feet and that for a split second, I was stopped cold. Come to find out when you don’t realize your blood pressure is a bit way too high and that my body was shooting it through to my brain so quickly, that’s what happened. Life telling me to take it a bit slower, to pay a bit more attention to the food I nourish my body with and the Doc telling me to now take the meds that will help. Now in a calm place where I’m not racing and the mind is not going ten thousand miles an hour and the stress that used to build, now floats merrily through my blood stream with my baby aspirin. Never ignore the signs my friends, but damn if it didn’t feel like something so cool and magical. Even in a bad moment, I can still find the beauty of the gift it teaches. I am thankful for that. Peace, K

We are

A grain of sand in the masters hand

Smooth and worn with life that moves by,

Blown to the winds of the world

Journeying towards our home.

We are a story told aloud

Or patterned by hand,

Through pen and ink or oils of shades

Spun thick with the mysteries

That each day waits

For the creation from thoughts

And from dreams yet unseen,

Yet felt below skin

Thin and translucent,

Felt in the recesses of the mind that asks,

We are the hope of a seed planted,

Before time began and became

What we perceived,

And we gather our tribes,

Moving forward below the ever changing sky

To become what was destined,

We are the soul alive.

Nature hides

In twillight skies of stormy days

Hidden in shadows

The colors of the universe

Feed the weary soul.

Wonder of this mind that moves

Between lucid and somewhere

Dreaming in segments

Like chapters of a long tale

Page after page

Leading the mind deeper

Into the story created.

Lost among the coming and going

Traveling through  emotion and peace

Searching for fairy tale monsters

In silent woods that with the coming of morning

Banish the fear and erase from the dark

Things that went bump in the night.

Twisted tales of an insane story

Rendered into a puddle of murky nothingness

And as we step into the depths

Come through on the other end

Healed and standing

Beneath a simple sun,

Untouched by the fury told.

Gorgeous image taken by my father in Delaware before the coming blizzard that never touched his neck of the woods. Love the colors. Thanks Dad.