Champagne sand (and borrowing Hafiz)

We walked along the shore on the birth of light of a new morning,

I could hear the waves rush in and fill the sand

Overflowing then back out again

And I hunched over like an old hunched backed lady

Searching for that ellusive trinket,

The black sharks tooth notorious down here

And I stopped

Not for anything in particular,

Just because someone whispered in my ear to stop and listen,

“Can you hear that” the voice said.

And I think it was Hafiz,

(Thank you Michael for that) because I see him at times,

Not in red of course, more of a multi colored illuminated coat of sparkles-

Almost as the elf on the shelf in a way

But more prized,

All full of mischief and good things though.

And as the water filled the sand around my feet

There was the sound,

And if I had to compare it to anything,

It was like a thousand bubbles in champagne

Jumping forth from the glass for a celebration,

But here I was at the beach and the New Years celebration,

Yes, it was that very night,

So many hours away and I knew myself enough to know 

I wouldn’t be up that far to greet that particular moment,
And I think he knew that and wanted me to celebrate in my own special way.

So I listened to the sounds and the ocean as it resided back into itself,

I found for but a moment in time forgot all about those ellusive little teeth,

And it was like the creation around me was reaching up,

I was looking, searching for that one special specimen,

But when looking about me came to realize,

It wasn’t about the treasure,

For I was living the treasure….with the water pulling and tickling my feet

And the laughter that sprang forth from within me I looked up

And there I saw a cloud drift by laughing too,

And I think you tipped your cap on your way back home

And I was so very content.

It is possible to find this contentment.

When I stopped searching,

The treasures found me stumbling about in bubbling surf

And a toast of all good things found me waiting on a friend

Who always delivers when least expected.

I found a tooth, or five, doesn’t matter,

I found a more special gift that is priceless

in the letting go

And The being 

and the simple joy of laughter

That I knew so long ago as a child

Sipping just a touch of champagne swirling about my toes below a yellow sun,

On just a day, yet still on a special day,

Just like every day that find me,

In the company of friends.

I had to dedicate this to my friend Michael over at Embracing Forever as his little friend Hafiz seemed to have found me far from my home on a beach searching, yet finding the unexpected and quite embracing the gifts of the day. The sounds of the water leaving the sand sounding like bubbles up a champagne glass. Happy sounds truly. I had to smile and still am as I pen this.