Amazement of all

Words given freely

Forgiveness and a simple hello

Yesterday so far gone

Time to be changing

Feeling the color

Of words of love.

The light hearted moments

That fill this life with wonder

Recognizing the letting go

The moving through

The colors turn to simple shades

Leaving me in awe

Of an unexpected gift

That is you.

I see so many things

Different views rearranging themselves

Into something more grand

Bigger and better days below

The sun, moon and stars

That move through our lives

Over and over again

Yet always unique

And every time we turn around

We find a new path to pursue

New places,

Happy faces

And a world so rich in hues

Miracles and magic

Love and a life

Meant for me and you.


3 thoughts on “Amazement of all

  1. Thanks Sheldon, back to work today and slowly getting in the groove…a nice break but time to get somewhat normal scheduling again…not sure if that’s good or not?


Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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