Dreaming blue

Sitting beneath the slivered moon

Bathed in darkness

Dreaming blue,

Thoughts moist with the humidity

Of watercolor stroked clouds

And rippling turquoise seas.

Close my eyes as the cold permeates

Shivers of winter leave me grey

But dreaming blue lifts

The soul to heights of flight

As birds hang on air

Soaring beyond view.

I miss the days of periwinkle mornings

When the sun stretched out its rays

Like muscles loosening to move

Above my head arms raised to the skies

Heralding a new day through this darkness

And thoughts that bask

In hemispheres of warmth

Escaping this icy breath that blows

From Northern shores.


18 thoughts on “Dreaming blue

  1. What the heck is demon alcohol? Sounds scary I must say. Yes, already have the grass skirts and will have Palm leaves weekly with the way the greenery grows down there…..now just need some cored out pineapples and rum yummies….mmmmmm….posting soon. I miss it too. Got lots of catching up on reading to do too….not gone, just cranking busy my friend. Retirement will afford me proper time to do what I love, spending time with my WP friends, etc….woo Hoo. 🙂


  2. Oh Kim! What wonderful news! Now you can buy a straw skirt and go to a triblal gathering… I couldn’t be happier for you! Have missed you like crazy though… Guess I was getting used to you :O) You should cellibrate with demon alcohol! xOxOxO

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  3. Ha, came back to a kaizen event at work which tied me up for three solid days….one to catch up and now he weekend and last night we found out we are officially getting the sold sign for the house so now let the craziness begin in earnest. Woo Hoo….will be back full time here at some point. Lots of catching up to do my friend….peace and love, K


  4. Well your body came back, but you left your head in the tropics! LOL! I just how you feel loved one… Sometimes I’ll stand beside my stove, just for saftey porpoises! I know you want to go back, but it’s great to have you back just the same! Do you have periwinkles? No cure or anything? Akunamatada! Another eon or two, and winter will be over :O)

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  5. Last day of a Kaizen event at work ( 3 eight hour days of fun….um yeah) and then tomorrow I can finally begin to get caught up after being in Florida for two weeks on vacation …..busy days indeed but magical still. 🙂

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  6. Thank you. It’s funny, I had to pick one word to describe how I see 2016 will be and that was it exactly, magical 🙂 a great word and thank you once again for making my morning sparkle. K

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  7. Yes, but not yet 🙂 although we shall have forty degrees this weekend. The grill will be a happy piece of metal and it is so much better than the negative numbers we often get. Won’t miss it that much though 🙂 peace and love, K

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