Shining on

My magical muse

Words whispering in song

Memories of days of a girl child

Locked in a room with paper and pen

Emulating the gift

Bestowed by the stars,

Moving to the beat

Of your creation.

Fantasy in reach

The glow of fairies and unicorns

Wondrous worlds of the escapist mind

Living in the magic

Being who I chose at the moment

Alive in the world

Of you.

Reality is a place I frequent

If I feel the need to see the madness

The sadness

But in the realm where laughter lies waiting

I find it is where I linger most

Feeling the mystery of the unknown,

Embracing the universe

That gives energy and momentum

To words that spill

Like diamond dust

Shining on,


Shining on.


21 thoughts on “Shining on

  1. No suitcases, lots of boxes and bins….maybe in the cage with the cat but she can be quite mean at times so that wouldn’t work either…..this snow bites….daily doses of eight inches is not my idea of fun. Backbreaking shoveling yet it makes me appreciate the move that much more. Peace and love, K


  2. Because I don’t have any? We just got two snow dumpings in a row! I step outside? Instant popcicle!

    Why sweat it? I mean, go ahead and sweat it! Soon you’ll be living in paradise! Look! I have an idea… I could fit in your suitcase! LOL! I here when you’d like some warm words: Ice cube! Iceburg! Ice-castle! LOL! Love:D xOxOxOxO

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hello Darryl, why didn’t you send some warmth down from your neck of the Arctic ? Getting cold….brrr so glad you enjoyed my words, peace and love, K


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Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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