Chasing peace….a moment of a smile

I move through the darkness

Following the dust of a thousand stars that fell unnoticed

And there through the window I emerged,

Into the light of the birth of hope.

I spin and weave through the illusions

Shadows cast on walls in empty houses,

I’ve been here before

Yet I no longer remember when,

But the feeling sits on my shoulders

Like a tiny feather that fell upon me

On a windless day,

Spent and shining in midnight dreamscapes

I awaken to find myself

whole and complete.

I chase the magic through days of despair

Chilled and broken the lives slip into the abyss

Emptiness grasps

Yet falls empty handed.

I have this smile

It lights the front of a face that fades to grey

With the passing of this day a sound is heard

Crashing lightning through blinding white,

Awaken it seems to call,

And I think I was reminded of sweet singing,

Carefree like a thousand bells in a Tibetan world

Lush and filled with beautiful things

And it said come to find peace,

Letting go to have it all

I stand quietly

In joy.


10 thoughts on “Chasing peace….a moment of a smile

  1. Thanks Mary, there’s been strange things happening with my writing lately….I feel as if in a limbo….reasons and purposes I’m sure but being caught between dream and waking in yesterday, sometimes a bit of goodness surfaces long enough to be caught like a firefly in a jar…only for a moment…wouldn’t want to make the poor thing perish after all. I’m so glad you enjoyed….getting back in a groove slowly albeit surely . Peace, always and above all else, Kim


  2. Oh, Kim. I think this is my favorite of yours so far. I love this. Thank you!

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  3. Life is magical and I try to get through these non stop snow filled days by visualizing happy sparkling things that fill me with warmth😊⭐️


Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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