Wishful color

Surrounded by fifty shades

Of white and grey

As the sky keeps falling

In crystal formations 

Higher and higher sweeping

This iced wonderland away.

I dream of beaches and sunset skies

Filled with a warmth of endless color

As I move through clouds rippled

With the thoughts of peace.

So near and yet so far

As hands become brittle icicles stiff

Hanging useless as these temps drop

Into negative.

Yet I see in my mind a place

Where positive motion rides waves through

Into a new day

And a sun that melts upon the world

A warmth that thaws the soul,

Citrus colored skies in memory

Greets my frosted mind as I sit here

Seeing my breath expelled into a fog

And a darkening sky above waiting

For the next round to arrive

Blanketing the here and now

In an emptiness of white

Crisp and clean.

Living here in Western New York, after shoveling almost a foot yesterday of fluffy white snow and realizing I shall be locked in perpetual ground hog day, reliving it over and over again for the future of this week. Argh…..have mercy snow machine….I surrender.


6 thoughts on “Wishful color

  1. Lake effect snow… off of Lake Erie… grew up just a little south of you in NW PA… know well the snow and the drifts and confess, I do miss it having been away from it so long… Love this post. Thank you! DAF

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  2. Patchouli is a fave of course, but I like jasmine too. Tired of the endless snow and it is making my appreciation of the move even greater. So glad you enjoyed it, peace and love, K


  3. Oh no! I can certainly relate (a little). I miss my summer and the beaches.
    Great title!

    My favorite line:
    This iced wonderland away”

    Thought of you this week when my daughter brought a diffuser with patchouli in it. It was really nice…and I like the meaning behind it. Happy day today!

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