I walk through ages past and present,

Learning and living through words

Haunted memories of music

Filter through out of order.

Beneath a sky filled to overflowing

Water colors and yellowing leaves fall before me

Painting a picture of the death of summer

And I hold onto the verse that soothes,

His voice moves me to dream.

Her scent moved past like flowers in a field never seen,

Sweet clean scent embraced in admiration of a yesterday forgotten,

And I remember this from somewhere so long ago

And as the soundtrack switches gears

My head begins to hum the lullaby of youth

Yet I still can’t catch the exactness of that moment,

Standing as a young girl at a perfume counter,

Neon lights halo above

Casting colored shadows around my head

And the speakers sounding forced and crackling,

Taking me back round

Through times pieces filled with sweet aroma and sound

Into the future of a Dream un recalled,


This poem as based on the songs that feed into my head, triggered from a scent of a girl passing me and still unable to recall where I remember the flowery scent from. The familiarity of the past at times, ellusive like a dream that sits on the edge of remembering.

Image found at : http://ego-alterego.com/sebastian-luczywo-photography/


19 thoughts on “Unknown

  1. Thank you as always my friend, it doesn’t matter if it is an old piece, it is obvious from the soul of it, it was a meaningful time for you. Thanks for hanging out with me, have a great weekend too, peace and love, K


  2. Hi InfiniteZip. These sensations trigger thoughts in me to. Always so nice to hear from you. Thank you so much for liking my poems Fall! Renovation! and Tracey! A past experience from long ago that did change my life! Peace and Best Wishes. The Foureyed Poet.

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  3. Now that is a sweet vision for me, although for me, most likely slightly less than forty years, feel the same way. Memories lit like a candle that lights the spark of remembrance. As I age and loved ones and friends pass on, the essence that I identified with in regards to them, is kept alive through such moments. Peace and love and thank you for this comment that capped off my night in such a heartfelt and lovely way. Kim💜


  4. I’m old, but sometimes walking through a crowd I will stop and turn around and look to see who it was from my life forty years ago. It is so definite. Magic poem.

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  5. That’s how my head works most of the times….like a rat in a maze…running free looking for the elusive cheese …sometimes I find it but I have fun on the way. Thanks so much B, so glad you enjoyed. Have an amazing day my friend, peace and love, K

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  6. Scents and songs. They take me back too. It is a strange feeling to smell something so very familiar and not be able to place it, yet the emotions of the time emerge.

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  7. Thanks Jen, yes, it’s funny how scent or sound take us back to other times, I cherish these magical moments…but it does drive me a bit buggy trying to recall from where😊 peace and love, K

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  8. So many times over the years, a scent has attached itself to my own memories, taking me back to my elementary school days. Reminding me of young crushes. Scents have taken me back to young first loves and confusion all over again. Many times, just as stated in this beautifully written poem, a scent lingers and I cannot remember where I recognize it from, but making me emotional nonetheless.

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