Choosing stones

Moving fingers gently touching

Smooth stones of ceramic

The thought in the quiet of silence rises



Sensing the warmth given

Laying below on colored cloth

Waiting to be read

To be heard.

Energy passes through

As words of translation read

Find me knowing it is what I expected to find

And the realization of a moment

One by one turned

Ancient oracle of yesteryear

Still manifesting in today

Still teaching the scholar

The path to walk

The spirit alive captured

In a sentence.


11 thoughts on “Choosing stones

  1. Thank you Tiffany, getting back to my not,al routine after my vacation. Will be moving in less than two months but I should be round till then, from NY to Florida, looking forward to vitamin D and sunshine and beaches…..thank you for he comment, I’m glad we are connected and that my words reach you as I’ve been enjoying yours too, peace and love, Kim

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  2. I just got a set today, I wish I had that box though, found on the Internet (the photo) I’ve only done one three stone reading and am starting a journal. We shall see where it goes but the first stone just made me feel so energized. Always a good thing 🙂 we shall see where it goes. Thanks so much and I’m glad you enjoyed it.
    Peace and runes,

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  3. I wish it were mine, found on the Internet although today I purchased the Book of Runes and it came with a set of porcelain pieces. I did my first reading upon an issue and am keeping a journal. We shall see where it goes but so far I am finding a quiet peace in it. I love ancient texts and learning different things dating back to Oracle/mystical things 🙂 thanks and so glad you enjoyed.

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  4. Funny how the same messages keep coming up. That happens to me too, until I learn whatever it is I am supposed to, then never draw it again. Beautiful poem.

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Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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