A season of change

Each moment that slips by unnoticed

Like clouds drifting,

Changing with each shift of wind

Carving shadows and shapes

For those who but search

For their creation.

I see formation of beauty

Even as these flakes gently fall

They are singular and alone,

Not mighty enough to block out

The glimpse of the far off sun

That pierces through at odd times,

Leaving me smiling

Waiting for more.

Hearts float in my minds eye

What I wish to see in the movement fragmented

Collapsing and coming together

Like two worlds colliding

And I stand for a spell and watch silently spellbound

By the slipping away

As warmth moves to cold

And I move my aching hands

Opening and closing the tired fingers

That for a moment forgot how to work,

As if by catching the sky I find it immovable,

So heavy I cannot carry it

So I leave with a memory

Light as air.

I was just spending time outside, awaiting a grand snow event tonight into tomorrow and my hands ache in the cold but it is just so lovely out, with the sun trying to peek through at me but the clouds build and keep it at bay. I can still close my eyes and dream.


7 thoughts on “A season of change

  1. Nice. I do love the beauty of winter, but I don’t appreciate these snow events any more now than when I lived here.
    I’m leaving Western New York Monday morning to drive back to Missouri. Three to five inches of snow predicted to fall on me as I drive along the lake towards Erie. I must say though, that the clouds and snow didn’t keep me from trying to shoot photos at the Falls on two different days. Yeah, cold fingers.

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  2. Thank you Sue, what a beautiful vision you have painted here for me, I feel blessed for the stark white that adds moisture to the earth, so that come spring flowers will rise up and give joy beneath a sun that gives warmth to the weary frozen souls. Peace and love, Kim

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  3. Yes like those fragmented flakes we join.. May we cause a huge drift through humanity that can meld together like Ice…. Solid, and Strong… Our seasons change, as do we… Each snow flake is individually unique .. as are we.. May we merge together to lay a blanket of pure love of Light upon our Earth..

    Beautiful Poem Kim.. Many thanks for your words.. ❤

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  4. I wore them loading firewood, but when packing up three enormous boxes of books to donate, didn’t wear them and now the aching commences…..but it is pretty out, gotta keep enjoying this so when we move, I can think back and say yep, don’t miss that snow at all 🙂 peace and love my friend,


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