The gathering place

So much beauty found,

Picking one after another

Colors and ideas overflowing

And we struggle to gather more,

To keep it,

To hang on and not let go,

Bearing the heavy weight

We fall.

Looking around at the endless piles

Things that are things

Some with meaning

Others just gathered because

That is the way it always was,

But some point along the way we stop.

We survey these things and let out a tired breath,

We surrender to the weariness of trying

To gather too much,

To hang onto too much

And we look for guidance

Unsure of how we’ve come this far

Carrying all of “this”

And we slowly begin to sort through it,

This piece

That piece,

We set things aside that have become too heavy

And we feel lighter as we lift that which gives joy,

That cannot be found just anywhere

For it holds a piece of us

In its element

Emotion and love cannot be measured

On scales or like air in a balloon,

It cannot be anything but what it is

So we gather these happy light things

And perhaps add them to the basket

And we inhale the fragrance

Of the joy that they bring

And looking behind we see others behind us,

Scurrying here and there

Gathering what was left behind

And then we smile because in the letting go,

We gave something to someone else

That may feel light

And happy in their presence

And we are free to move forward

Unencumbered by something 

That became nothing important

In the end.

So we start a new journey, 

feet walking on air in lightness

We become free by just being

By not clinging

By not taking refuge any longer

In the gathering place.

Face created

What mask is made

Created to hide

To cover the depths

Of what lies inside.

What face is given

In times of madness

Of oceans of sadness

Of life.

Changes moving through

The clay molded into shapes

The heart sees in a mirrored moment

All it longs to be.

She slips into something more comfortable

Blank and hidden

Turning into a nobody

Who is everybody sometimes.

Unnoticed she moves through

A creature of exchange

Chameleon blended into

Earths pigment absorbed.

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Thoughts on a dream I had, becoming something foreign to ones self, Unrecognizable yet in knowing that, enjoying the freedom to move about unnoticed by those who know you. Strange days of dreams finding me lately after having been absent for awhile. I blame it on the vitamins….must be the D. 😎