Empty spaces

There lies in this world

Open spaces and voids where perhaps

Something had for but a time, dwelled there.

But now we see the same place

And it seems empty and sad,

A shell of its former self

Waiting to be filled

Waiting for something.

I close my eyes and feel the calm fill

Higher and higher rising

Like water in a rain swollen river,

Like snow beyond the window.

The heart too, works in this magical way,

As we imagine all we need

Words of kindness,

The sound of laughter

And even a quiet smile from a stranger,

Little things often overlooked fill

Empty spaces.

Once we are full the true magic begins,

As we begin to empty the box once more,

Giving away the lightness

Like cotton candy gifts to anyone

To everyone.

For that is the true essence

When we let empty be just a word,

Not something bad

Just a word used like a gas gage

Letting us know it’s time to refill

And move forward giving till the needles hits E

And looking behind we see

Others filling and moving too

And we are not alone,

Others take paths

Meeting at the intersections of life,

Coming and going with a faith

That the box will never run out

If we only keep what we need

Leaving the rest for those more in need of the little things.

We can travel the greatest distances

By changing perceptions,

By seeing the full tank of greatness

And sharing it with the world.

Emptiness….a word in need of filling with something….

Something good and amazing.
Empty box photo found at : https://kurtrees.wordpress.com/2013/04/14/empty-heart/

A thousand blessings

Life so simple

Words bounce across the sky

Invisible gifts given

And we are truly blessed

As we catch each little bubble of love

That lands so gently into our lives.

I think of so many good things and thoughts,

Images of days moving

And time that keeps turning up each day I wake

And the life within all of these things

Where energy goes to those in need

And multiplied when returned

Like letters moving back and forth

Deposited into rusty metal boxes

Or invisible webs spanning eternity,

These simple bountiful moments

Make me smile too.

Joy is found where you search for it,

Turning over and flipping concepts

To glean the shining light of happiness,

Ah, the bliss of life.