Without you

If there were a word without you

There would be no ove

And we woud never hear aughter

The scent of avender just woudnt be as subime.

A ion wouldn’t be as fierce,

And Bugs would be ooney tunes.

Songs woudnt sound the same,

For how coud I ca your name?

Missing you woud eave me bue…

A hue that woud be something new.

Spring woud be sparse for tuips and iacs,

Roses woud be just fine,

But daffodis woud suffer and iy of the vaey woud be gone,

If I coudnt ove you, merey ike….now that woud be insane….

I woud have a heart, a brain and hand to hod,

But without egs, I coudnt stand, 

What of my iver to process and get things out?

So much changes when you begin to eave a etter off.

Does your mind fi in the banks?

Just having fun at unch today,

Waiting for this meeting to go away,

Be back to norma perhaps….someday.

Thoughts on the appreciation of the etter …sorry, can’t use it….woud be cheating.

Okay, perhaps I am going a bit daffy…ooney tunes were a fave.


22 thoughts on “Without you

  1. Thanks T, it was a fun write for me. Even my iPad stopped trying to override after awhile. Might get me in the future if I need something autocorrected😊


  2. That was very creative…I enjoyed reading it! Even though I was substituting all the missing letters or reading the words as if they were spelled correctly…well done!

    Liked by 1 person

Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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