In quiet spaces

Sweet moon whispering

In quiet spaces

Places where solitude is embraced

As the heart of a dreamer moves

Seeking the life

The energy of solace.

Sitting in white rooms of yesterday,

Jars long empty filled with dried bits

Of a season long gone,

Sitting in lucid thought

Remembering dreams that fell like worn petals

To the floor.

She spoke to the sky,

Whispered hopes and fears

And watched, waiting for answers to come forth

And she slipped from hiding

The wolf moon gazing back

As the poet turned knowing

The answer had already been gleaned

From midnights darkest stories,

From heart songs that sang

As she drifted away.

I have not seen the moon in I do not know how long, yet in the darkness early this morning, she gifted me with her beauty, moving me from grey depths into the surface of another morning of life. The image called me to write about a quiet space where poets dream and create.


29 thoughts on “In quiet spaces

  1. Thanks Kat, I hear they are calling for a mild February temp wise so that is a good thing, just tired of the dark cloudy snow inducing days….hope all is well in your land across the sea. Peace and love, K


  2. Enchanting poem, as always, Kim. Love the pic, too. If there’s no moonlight in this dark winter days, there’s always you with your shiny words, my dear friend and muse. ❤

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  3. I needed it desperately….I lose sight of it when all goes well, yet when needed, it surfaces like a beautiful sun in the morning, or a moon pre dawn. Yes, nothing like it. Peace and love and moon worshipping quiet….K

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  4. You must send me a pic from down there if possible. Now I feel simply magical and you have lit my smile….and Snoopys too I must add😊 celebrations for the winter wolf moon…she shines for all….oh, such a happy post. Truly! Peace and howling….K

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  5. Now that my friend, must have been absolutely amazing….so jealous….yet skating and I don’t get along….chemo has left my joints dreading the cold….but I shall enjoy vicariously through your comment with joy…..peace and love and all things good, K

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  6. It was a place that I needed desperately to find, I saw the pic, which had nothing to do with the moon, yet sent me directly into,the quiet place I was seeking……I was thankful for that….it’s funny, but when there is a crushing need, something always is sent to light the way to,what we seek…the magic and mystery of life. Peace and love, K💜


  7. Through each other, we feel the weight…part of this came from your essence my friend…we seem to be on the same wave length today….gifts to each other,through each other…maybe it’s just how we flow I say….peace and love Sheldon, K


  8. I enjoyed the revisit of buttercup….always leaves bittersweet memories….reasons and purposes and times for rememberance….for that I thank you💜


  9. Just saw it. Just saw it! Full moon! Pleine lune. Wow. Clear, frisky night sky. Yellowish above the roof tops of Mexico. Lovely. You conjured it. Peace love and patchouli. B

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  10. Such a beautiful created poem dear Kim.. Those quiet places especially when enhanced with the Moon’s energy is one where we poets love to sit in the Peace and quiet as you bring to life your thoughts..
    Keep creating in the Peace… seems we both need its sanctuary .. Love and Blessings.. Sue ❤

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  11. Thanks Morgan, had a rough few days and needed to rebalance and go to the quiet happy place in my mind, with a big help from the lovely Luna….comes through when most needed.
    Peace and love, K


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