Life textures

I gaze at each line that graces my hands,

Tired and worn through years of use,

Like a well read book held together

By twine and love,

Trying to preserve the essence

Of life textures


I move through pages of the past

Images and sounds bring tender smiles

Of those gone yet remembered,

And the greying faces reflected

In the hearts mirror

Held together with memories

Fresh with hope

Life goes on.

Cold winter brings about a coating on our souls,

Frozen in our spaces vying for warmth

Besides a flickering flame

And the call to a sun so far away,

Return to me dear friend and spread yourself

Into aching bones and fingers

That pen these words while watching

As each moments drips away

Like icicles on the ceiling

Melting from the warmth

From within.

13 thoughts on “Life textures

  1. Thank you so Sheldon, I’m so glad you liked it. It’s nice to finally find some time for reading and writing…weekends rock. Peace and love, K


  2. Noticing the lines on my hand while paging through an ancient book that is kept in plastic to keep it together….a memorial to a couple who died on the Lusitania a hundred years ago, and as this snow gently falls, feeling the aching of fingers and bones….pieces of life,…melancholy moods, etc…so glad you enjoyed it my friend, now send some warmth, please? Smiles and love, K


Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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