Yesterday visits

Journeying on a path to tomorrow

Searching through things 

Moments of years in boxes

Sorted and separated into save or go

As music sings to me

Betcha By Golly wow…

And I sing along letting my mind drift

Down the different courses we’ve run,

Changes taking place

All over again.

Blue skies keep company

As the dogs watch the in and out

Of closing doors and bins stacked high,

And the station plays tune after tune

Karen singing to me sweeps my thoughts in smiles

“Don’t you remember you told me you loved me baby”

And the mind trips off in a different direction,

Days of youth and records long gone,

Of friends and places seen,

Of life that fell between

Each journey we took

On dusty roads

The city lights

And tailgating and midnight star gazing

A toast by the pond

Under a summer sky.

A quiet day spent

Rekindling a memory of good days and bad

But as the out pile grows

This letting go of dying things

As I have the box within my mind

Of each day

Each door that opened and closed

And yesterday can visit

But it can never stay

For tomorrow is another day

And the brightest sun will light the way

To new beginnings

New moments in the now

To be embraced.

10 thoughts on “Yesterday visits

  1. Could relate to this poem having packed many a box with music blaring and I love the picture. All the best with your move and changes. 🙂


  2. Thank you Derrick, I’m in the process of packing for our move from New York to Venice Florida. Start of a new life with a retired husband and I shall job hunt at some point…in the meantime…years of things to sort and toss or keep…..always a fun trip down memory road…..peace and blessings, K

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  3. It feels good to let go of the old items that are not used….letting go of things that hold not meaning, perhaps hand me downs, etc….to leave with a liger load of loved things, that my friend, makes me smile😊 travel light is a good thing😊 peace and love, K

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  4. I really love this one, Kim. Thank you.
    Blessings for new beginnings and now moments

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  5. Oh for the days of Karen and her heavenly voice! I still have an old vinyl I play–gets me all emotional and charged up at the same time. New beginnings–always exciting and energizing. Sort of like getting born! The photo is beautiful and inviting. On the road again….!

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