Laying in fields of Spring

The scent rises with the warming winds

Leaves rustle on tall spindly stems

Waving back and forth in a dance of petals,

And the quiet hum of an insect

Fills the air somewhere near.

Eyes closed just being

Laying upon the fresh soft grass

Losing self in quiet dreams of a day

And moments like these where time stops

And the bumblebee simply goes about his duty

Moving on when done.

Planes almost beyond view

Leaving tail plumes of white

Passenger writing in the sky

And I am no one for a space of this second

Where only breath remains

A hum of life in bliss

Dreaming of a sun so perfect above me

Dappled lightly and content,

I fall away into the dotted blooms

And inhale

A serene perfection

That is here and now

Giving a peace desired.

I feel the energy moving me

Rocking like a boat on a light wave,

Back and forth softly

I reach out to touch the water

Yet find only beauty

In the minute details

Of color

Where magical fields of dreams

Carry me home.

Art of life

Life moving thoughts

Swirled in memories dripping

Like oil on canvas waiting

To be seen.

Yesterday souls bleed ink

Tattooed image in the mind

Below the skin in permanence

Etched for life smooth indigo scar.

Hazy visions on empty walls

Creations of the unknown

We watch the movement in stillness

Searching for meaning in each stroke.

Admission to a life of wonder

Walking the corridors of our days

Seeing the beauty together

Memory painted lovingly

Hung in a world on wires

Beneath an endless ceiling

Lit from within by a masters hand.

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