Piece of night

Within a realm of a silent night

Darkness tucks in the weary soul,

Fading into colors of peace

Mind slips into dreams.

Smooth and calm in skies

Moon hangs stoicly amongst the stars

As cool breeze blows through windows cracked

Letting in and out

Life of night.

Rising to the whispers

She walks through dusty corridors

Twisting turning walls empty

Void of decoration

Yet where her eyes rest,

Portals open to new realms

And she steps through into bottomless spaces

Floating on silk

Sliding into the depths of self

Lost for hours in steady breath

Claimed once more

By the edge of the universe

Tipped into space



20 thoughts on “Piece of night

  1. Aw, now I’m blushing….I wish I were better somedays….been a struggle recently to put out worthwhile material….I’m glad you enjoyed it, thank you so much and looking forward to,reading more of yours….you’ve been a bit quiet too on your end, but you could be in my mailbox as we speak, this weekend will be my catch up reading days….I love the weekends…..peace and love, always, K


  2. Hi Michael, always a pleasure when you visit. I thank you for your lovely words and yes, I enjoy those moments most of all, and dreaming too of course through the night, being whisked away by my mind into realms of light and laughter. Been crazy busy here and just muddling my way through (without a muddler…that’s packed already😊) smiles…kidding…still waking up this fine Thursday morning. Hope all is going good with you.. I’ve still a piece of yours to reread and comment on. This weekend, catch up time😊 peace and love my friend, Kim

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  3. Thank you Sheldon, maybe I can have you do a piece sometimes called Kims world of dreams…I can be sliding down the stairs into the universe😊 just kidding, but truly, thank you my friend, Peace and love, K


  4. Getting adjusted and slept well last night finally, not having my usual vibrant dreams….hoping they return pronto and I thank you Elouise, pieces of peace keep me going some days. Peace and blessings my friend, Kim

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  5. Hi Kim,

    I love the feeling of looking at empty walls, and discovering that where the eye lands it opens a portal to new realms. That is it I think– seeing through the ordinary to the power and beauty of it all. It truly is like seeing into another land sometimes, when you become present enough to realize what you’re looking at! Not taking it for granted. Realizing the majesty and the complexity and the grace of it all. So nice to visit here again, my friend.


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  6. Thank you so much Ericka, unfortunately I’ve gone pretty much award free in the last year due to time constraints. I will pop in and show support and I do tHank you. I hope in the future after my move, I will have a world of time open up for me to enable me to begin participating again. Peace and love, K

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