Into dust

We move through fields

Stars become wishes of shattered dreams

Falling from the sky

As we sit below so minuscule in the scheme

And trickling down

The ash moves on winds

Not forgotten

Just no longer the whole

Of a lost soul.

She dared to follow

Each step moving forward to her dream

Within reach of her hands

Only wanting to be at the tip of eternity

Floating in space teaching

Her special smile exploding across

Small boxes in rooms far from home

And I saw her there,

For but a moment as I lay in the depths

Fevered thoughts wracking each nerve,

So far from greatness she went so high,

And then blinking once

She became no longer,

Just dust of the moment passing

Like each moment of our lives that slip by,

Yet noticed this time

In the loss of a hope

Extinguished in the cold.

I cried at the loss of a dreamer

Star crossed paths she now moves

So many years gone by

I still see her happiness

For she dared at least to try

That which would leave fear in most,

Sleeping ghost revisited

She whispers to me still.

Thoughts this morning on the Challenger explosion and remembering how I watched in my small dorm room, wracked with a fever and the flu yet knowing that I would always remember the moment, the loss of a dreamer who dared.


24 thoughts on “Into dust

  1. Yes, I’ve always been the child who grew afraid to dream, finding in my middle years, there’s no time like the present to jump into the emptiness of hope of the sky and fly, filling the mind with the manifestation that all is possible, that hope survives. Thanks so very much my friend, peace and love, K

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  2. Reblogged this on A Joyful Process and commented:

    I had forgotten that Challenger explosion was 30 years ago yesterday. Those of us who remember that event will never forget where they were when they heard the news. Love this poem that brings that day back to us…

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  3. I remember that I was in college and had just come back from lunch to my dorm room. Turned on the TV and it was all over the news. I can remember just watching it in stunned silence.

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  4. Damn. I watched it happen from the east steps of the humanities building at UCF where I was teaching then. We didn’t know at first that what we saw was unintended. Then someone with a radio told us the horrifying truth.

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  5. Thank you, in the tragedy that day I tried to look for something good in it, only years later older and wiser do I see the ideas of pursuing your dreams and taking chances to achieve them. I am glad you enjoyed, thank you again, K

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  6. Thank you my friend, still leaves my eyes watery just thinking of it. So far away in the timeline of life, but feels like yesterday.
    Peace and blessings, K


  7. Thanks Tiffany, I was surprised to see it on the news this morning, couldn’t believe how long it had been but remember as if only yesterday, but now see it as looking up to those who dared to fly while the rest of us lived perhaps ordinary lives….they left aiming for greatness and a chance of a lifetime. Sigh…..peace and blessings, always dare to dream big. K🌕💫

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  8. A beautiful tribute. I remember the day and the moment so well. I even remember the FEELINGS in that moment as we watched the news and saw the explosion. The first teacher in space and she touches us still! Thank you for the reminder. 💖

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