Nature hides

In twillight skies of stormy days

Hidden in shadows

The colors of the universe

Feed the weary soul.

Wonder of this mind that moves

Between lucid and somewhere

Dreaming in segments

Like chapters of a long tale

Page after page

Leading the mind deeper

Into the story created.

Lost among the coming and going

Traveling through  emotion and peace

Searching for fairy tale monsters

In silent woods that with the coming of morning

Banish the fear and erase from the dark

Things that went bump in the night.

Twisted tales of an insane story

Rendered into a puddle of murky nothingness

And as we step into the depths

Come through on the other end

Healed and standing

Beneath a simple sun,

Untouched by the fury told.

Gorgeous image taken by my father in Delaware before the coming blizzard that never touched his neck of the woods. Love the colors. Thanks Dad.


8 thoughts on “Nature hides

  1. Thank you Michael, yes, colors play such a huge part, impacting thoughts and feelings that I think come from the energy they make, flowing through us, touching us and leading us to search for more. I think that’s why I love winter from within a warm cozy house, yet the sun of Spring, summer and fall take me deeper into life and growth and an appreciation for the soul of the universe that keeps us steady and on a firm beat to the song of our lives that play on within our minds. Songs that jump start us on cold gloomy afternoons😊❄️☀️💦 peace and love my friend, and welcome back, you’ve been missed.
    Always, Kim

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  2. Isn’t it amazing how the colors of the universe literally nourish us? I was thinking just the other day about this– about the sunrises and sunsets and colors and how they seem to give us so much we otherwise wouldn’t have. As long as we stop to look once in a while… I saw the movie the Revenant this weekend, which is quite graphic and violent in some places, but which also had some beautiful landscapes and color. Light in the distance, through the twinkling crystal of snowfall… Nature is so beautiful…

    Beautiful words here of the ways the mind wanders through phantoms, and these moments bring us back, into presence.


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  3. Your Dad should be proud of his capture of Delaware in this magical portrayal. There’s surprisingly quite a bit in that state for mystics. You should be proud too of your beautifully thoughtful writings 🙂

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