There will be cake

We will meet in that place

Where so many days and years have slipped by,

Good days and bad

The everyday rhythm of another day

Just like the rest,

But this will be different,

There will be cake

And faces I’ve known through sickness and health

And so many years,

Seventeen to be exact

That has seen me go from young woman to

Strong dreaming warrior of the sun,

Who pursues the passion of her heart,

And the colors will live in memories

Long after we say goodbye

And I will sit in my spot,

Where I’ve sat everyday and today for the last

And we will laugh and smile and tears will find their way

Knowing time will now pass

And the seat will remain empty

Or be refilled with a new face

Who someday too will have a cake

And friends

And years spent here in this place

And as the door closes in just a few meager hours

I sit here in my chair

At my desk and realize that it will end

In three hours goodbyes and hugs will herald the end

And the beginning of a new journey,

On the path to tomorrow with a grateful heart,

And I will remember this moment

And a cake given by a place

That will no longer be my morning and daily home,

That will be in a yesterday

Waiting as I run towards a sun that calls.

Thoughts on my last day at work after seventeen years, one month and one day…but who’s counting? Goodbye, and hello future.