Balance of image

If I send these words to the earth

To realms where those who do not speak

The language set forth,

Without an image would they be

Something akin to song,

Melodious mutterings of landlocked mermaids 

and skies that stare at us as we sleep at night,

Would they make sense if said in a kind voice

Soft and easy as a flower petal in your hand,

We close our eyes and hear that which we long to,

As Stevie sings to me

In your mind you think you know,

Wonder or Nicks,

Would it matter if I told,

Or do you see a portrait in your mind

Of what song it could be,

I could give you a picture

Wrap a thousand words humbly around it

Like a brown fiber ribbon braided into circles

Worn by the girl in the field

And a muse whispers secrets of a world without understanding

And I can’t help but think

That its gonna be okay

As long as the words fit

Like a warm jacket on a snowy day,

Or a love that never dies

But just keeps overflowing

Like words that whisper of a falling star

Wished upon and found to be understood

By every soul

Who feels.

It was Stevie Nicks by the way….but I love Stevie Wonder too….words in song paint such lovely portraits, I left it blank so you can imagine the space as your own, in your mind anything goes.


9 thoughts on “Balance of image

  1. Deep thoughts at lunchtime on perception and it was quite interesting to write, wasn’t sure where it was going to end up but it seems to have found its path. Thanks so much Scottishmomus, have an awesome day, peace and blessings, K

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  2. This is lovely, Kim. Without a picture, and with only your words designed to elicit feeling and image, it just flowed over me. It’s a soothing piece that does reach into the imaginations and soul to find our own peace.x

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Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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