A quiet place of dreaming

I know she will come

Through the night shades and clouds

Caught between midnight dreams and waking

She will find me.

I will stand with eyes bright

Gazing at the spectacle of stars

As they drift in and out of focus

In this quiet place of dreaming.

Soon there will be a sound of water

The lapping of simple waves at low tide

Returning to their distant shores

And I will leave prints of my being

Marked upon the universe of pages

Turned slowly and savored.

I will unite with her here

Where the horizon meets the ocean,

With an embrace of knowing

I will be home

In the arms of the cosmic love

That pulls me forward

To greet a new tomorrow.

The silly moon kept playing games with me last night in sleep, waking me several times as she moved across the sky, slipping between the edges of the curtain before she slipped away again. Silly moons make me smile. 

10 thoughts on “A quiet place of dreaming

  1. Now that’s a first time comment for me, sounds quite soothing…don’t forget the bubbles😊 thanks so much Claire and sorry for the late response, got a bit washed ashore yesterday in meetings. Peace and love, Kim

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  2. Thank you so very much Vera😊 are you still writing short stories these days? Enjoyed your red photos the other day by the way. Hope your weather is good there for you too😊 peace and love, Kim


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