Souls road

Setting free the soul

Purging the inward trails 

Detox-like roads blocked, now moving.

Slipping through vacant tunnels

Emerging from the pace of energy unleashed,

Slowing to the quiet pace of a meander through

Taking time to view

Surroundings that had been unseen

For moving much too fast.

In medians they grow

New flowers of thought like spring

Coming early as desired,

A roadside stand waiting for a customer

To stop if only to say hello.

A lonely road heading towards

Destination unknown yet predetermined

As we rise higher into the scene

Becoming one as the rains rush through

Falling on the windshield of eyes that see

Beyond to the lighter shades

Where the storm too shall pass.

Like each sign ignored till now,

Merge left or right depending on

The six lane or two,

Think I’ll move to the pace of life

Steady beat like speedbumps below rubber,

Mind aware of all

Beneath the skin the highways lead me on

To this moment.

Beautiful image found at :

Thoughts on this mornings drive of our inner bodies workings, like roads in a strange sort of way, and with my new meds, find the days moving slower and easier instead of the frenetic rush to go, go go….enjoying the ride, where the road takes me.


12 thoughts on “Souls road

  1. Been crazy busy wit packing and work is insane these days. Lots of meetings and then I hit a store on my way home to pick up niceties, doggie play time, dinner and bed at eight it seems these days. On a weird time clock. Waiting for closing date. Weekends seems to be my reading catch up time these days too….I hate waiting that long…missed you too BTW😊 happy Friday….that means it’s almost the weekend….how things in your neck of the woodsies?


  2. The ‘go go go’ appears in your writing. Right away I had to start reading quickly, to keep up with the pace… Interesting eh? I picked up speed when you got on the road. How is, every little thing?

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  3. And my pressure is going down daily, making healthier choices too, welcome to the roadside stand of amazingness, stop and browse, take what you wish and spread the kindness, it’s all for free😊💜 thanks Elouise, peace and love, Kim

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  4. Beautiful images. I love the roadside stand “waiting for a customer to stop if only to say hello.”
    Hello!! 🙂 So happy to hear you’re enjoying the less frenetic pace.

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  5. Now you’ve made me feel so extra special. Thanks Steph, I’m glad it hit home for you…everything is possible, don’t ever forget… must have been because I refilled the nutsack for the first time in weeks yesterday😊🐿🐾

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  6. Kim, I want you to know how deeply this touched me and tugged at me. This is how I’m feeling right now, and I needed this encouragement. That it’s okay to follow the path my soul points me toward.

    This brought me to tears.

    Thank you.

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Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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