Strange magic

In silent slumber I dream

Of places I’ve never been

A friend and the dog long gone

In a life strange yet peaceful,

Picking through the words to find meaning

Aware of the white noise that isn’t there.

Crashing through, the shrill ring jolts rudely,

And I push trough the lucid remembering

And know it will be one of those moments

Where the day reaches out with magic.

I sit and write in the darkness

As the glow of the machine leaves me illuminated

And shadows glance off of salt specked Windows

And she appears beside me


A small deer a few feet away grazes calmly

As if my presence is just another minute of her life

And there is no movement as I watch

And she watches back then moves beyond view

For I have much to do and resume the thoughts

That filter through my mind

Streaming in shades of lavender and blue

Falling into the hue

I open my hands to the gift of what is to come,

I embrace the absence of song

In this moment aware and drifting

Like a dream.

Thoughts on strange dreams I had last night and as I parked my car at work this morning and began to write, a small doe appeared beside me, she watched me for a minute or two as the glow of my iPad lit the interior of my car, and she resumed her morning graze then moved silently away. Nice way to begin my day. Friends in my thoughts and a new friend by my side. Normally my commute is touched with the radio, news and music but this morning, I only got white noise on the American stations but received the Canadian stations loud and clear. I live in America…..strange day indeed…..Peaceful though. 


17 thoughts on “Strange magic

  1. Thank you for finding the comment button. So glad and I like that song too, haven’t heard it in ages…must pull out my CD collection. I live near Buffalo so we get both sides of the fence so to speak, but you knew that. It felt like a twilight zone episode…trapped in a car with only my favorite radio hosts to keep me company…was a bit strange….and magical too….I think the owners of a lot of stations had a glitch with their satellite or something. Heading home they magically appeared. I shall miss the Canadian channels when I move….maybe I shall get Cuba instead? Have an amazing day my friend, K


  2. Finally I found a way to answer you again! That sneaky comments sign was hiding on me all this time! The way you explained that, I got the whole ambience of inside the car! That’s good writing skills! Canada eh? Strange magic; haunting tune… Now it’s stuck in my head ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. I hadn’t seen a deer behind work in ages, the abnormal weather has them feasting closer to man I suppose, it was a sweet blessing nonetheless. I’m so glad you enjoyed. The photo is on my screensaver and I just adore it. Peace and love, K

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  4. Thank you Sharon, for being an odd start to the day, through it all, calm found me and with the radio thing, I found out it wasn’t just me….so a bit more normal ๐Ÿ˜Š through its abnormalcy. Peace and love and many thanks, K


  5. More like signs, it was a strange way to begin the day and I found such peace where normally I’d be a bit freaked out by it all…but calm descends and that is always such a blessing, peace and love, K

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  6. So nice. . . I love the dreamy magic of this one. I stop by the woods most mornings before work and look for the 6 deer that live there. They almost got used to coming and saying hi to me. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  7. I don’t know how you’d interpret all of that if you were looking for signs or direction. The doe sounds beautiful. Love encounters with nature like that xx Rowena

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Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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